current events

In breaking news, life continues to plod on at Chez Furrybees.  It's a shame I don't record more of it on this little blog o' mine.  To bring us up to speed, here are some highlights from the last few weeks, in no particular order:

  1. Dot the dog has had her anal glands excised.  Too much information?  It's supposedly going to be good for her in the long run, but in the short it means she has a sore, unbearably something (possibly itchy) bottom.  It also meant that we woke this morning to nuggets of pooh in the living room.  That she'd stepped in.  And then walked into every other room (whilst bashing her head-cone off all the door frames.)
  2. We are very glad the previous owners went with faux walnut laminate floor boards and not plush carpeting.
  3. Tiny locked himself in his bedroom during one "nap" time.  Some curious fiddling locked the door; however, no amount of mother-encouraged curious fiddling could unlock it.  Luckily, Daddy came home and climbed through the window.  (I would have done it, of course, but I had a sore leg.  True story.)  The look of absolute and utter delight on Tiny's face as he was being fireman's-lifted down the ladder was enough to make this mother head straight down to the hardware store for replacement, lock-free door handles.  No need for it to become part of the daily "nap" routine, I say.
  4. I had a sore leg.  I banged and scraped it on the conductor's podium at a choir rehearsal when I accidentally tripped and went flying in front of the whole choir.  There was a dignified retreat to the Ladies where a few quiet tears were shed (and possibly some swearing) after which I fled for home and sympathy from my OTL.  The impressive bruising (on both legs, no less) was also accompanied by limping (and not always for effect). And whining.
  5. Tiny is increasingly taking "naps" in the afternoon (see point 3).  This is to be distinguished from actual naps.  We have instituted a quiet time routine instead, which sometimes includes sleeping.  This cuts down my Tiny-free time a little.  Which some days is fine and other days makes me want to cry a little into a pillow.
  6. Precious Tiny-free time has been almost entirely consumed this year by my first course in the Publishing Program at Ryerson University.  It is all but finished (one small task left to do) and, I must say, despite this cost, it was very interesting.  Hopefully it will help me in my quest to become an editor extraordinaire. (Of other people's writing, she said quickly.)
  7. My OTL has finished teaching for this academic year.  This means we are one step closer to summer holidays.  Sure, there are a considerable number of steps yet to go, but this one makes all of his remaining ones lighter.
  8. Tiny took to the Easter bunny with surprising speed.  Arguably, the Easter bunny is a lot less complicated than Santa.  Probably because I only remembered to mention it late on Good Friday and he only had to wait one day for proof of existence. (NB: In our house we started calling Easter bunny a "she" just so that there's equal gender representation in the fictional characters that come in the night and leave wonders behind.  This will last until Tiny is ridiculed in the playground, whence we will revert to the dominant paradigm and thus give in to patriarchy.  Or until we forget and say "he" next year.)
  9. Tiny also took to eating chocolate for breakfast and the rest of the day with remarkable ease.  Perhaps the presence of chocolate will make up for his ridiculously left-leaning parents who insist on complicating even the simplest of things.
  10.  Garage doors have become a central topic of conversation in the house.  No, not because we own one, or want one, but because Tiny saw the miracle of an automatic garage door and has been deeply enamoured ever since.  This is how we currently sing The Farmer in the Dell:
Me:    The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell, hey ho the dairy-o, the farmer in the dell. The farmer takes a...
Tiny:   A garage door.
Me:    The farmer takes a garage door, the farmer takes a garage door, hey ho the dairy-o, the farmer takes a garage door.  The garage door takes a... 
Tiny:   A big, brown garage door.
Me:    The garage door takes a big, brown garage door. The garage door takes a…etc.
Nobody could have ever warned me of this before I had a child.  I wouldn't have believed them.

How about you?  What you been doin'?


  1. Don't you dare mention garage doors to Freddie when next he talks with his Mutti and Grandpa on Skype. Farmer in the Dell has been his favourite song forever and as you well know can be totally overwhelming! xxx

  2. Got to love that song!
    I hope your bruises and scrapes are doing much better.
    I was so glad to hear from you...I lost many contacts compliments of Christine the Evil Computer!
    Poor Dot! How humiliating.
    Take care.