There are two things to celebrate:
  1. A return to blogging.  Cough.
  2. My mother's 68th birthday.  "Yip hip, horray!" as Tiny would say.
Whilst number two is infinitely more important than number one, the two are magically intertwined, and for that we must be grateful.  For, in celebration of the fact that my mother was born on this day several or so years ago, there will be a week of Celebratory Blogging filled with pictures, words and, just possibly, a little crafting revelation. See, magic.

As I was sorting through recent photos  to see how to start the week off, I realised that I could go no further than these as our Day One warm up.

This is a little family jumping session - Tiny on his self-made trampoline (self-made by hurling the cushions off the couch and onto the floor), and Mummy and Daddy jumping with gay abandon on the faux wooden floor beside him.  What sets us apart from other families with young children?   Well may you may ask.  It is the fact that we are all holding our "boobies" down so they don't bounce too much with the jumping.

Not a word of a lie.  (Note that Tiny's not precisely sure where his boobies are.)

Happy Birthday, Mum.  May today be filled with some high bounce booby jumping in honour of such a special occasion.

Psst: Mum, see below.  Something wicked your way comes.  Here's a little teaser...


  1. Very fun times. Wish I could join in the jumping.

  2. I read a research article the other day that listed the top twenty things needed for well being or a good life. One of those things was jumping! Michael and I were trying to work out how we could incorporate that into our already good lives, but ... I can see you've got it down pat. Very appropriate for 'leap day'. Moni