Just in case you were misled by all of yesterday's photos of snow, let me set you straight.  There has been an equal, yet slightly more boring, amount of no snow as well.  This is good and bad in equal measure.  Good in that it has saved us from struggling into our snow boots every single time we leave the house, but bad in that it is still cold (so your cumbersome winter jacket still applies).  Good, in that it's easier to drive, get around, and walk without gracelessly slipping on ice in the street every morning while walking the dog.  But bad because the winter landscape is now just bare and brown, instead of the saving grace of bare and twinkling white.

One very good thing about periods of no snow and mild temperatures, though, is that we have been able to get Tiny out on his new bike (a combined Christmas present effort from the grandies and us) much earlier than we anticipated.  Given his predilection for the great outdoors, it is safe to assume that we were probably more excited about this than he.  Give him time though, and I bet we'll be getting our daily exercise in no time, running along as he pushes off down the path.

A promising start.
The art of steering is hard won.
But I want to run!
Home, Jeeves.

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  1. I think I am a little bit crazy for that child