i resolve

to perfect the savoury, gluten-free, vegetable pancake
to learn, once and for all, how to get stains out of white clothes in an easy, cheap and environmentally-friendly way
to weather the terrible twos with grace and humour
to keep a house that runs like a well-oiled machine
to build my editing business into a large, multi-national corporation (or at least to earn a bit more money for the emergency fund)
to plan the weekly meals (and keep to said plan)
to be a more patient, empathic and loving mother
to write - everyday, all kinds of things
to learn how to use my camera properly
to reduce wasted food to none (that means you, eggplants)

to wean Tiny off Silent Night and onto another soothing song
to read all the books in my book pile - and then some
to lose that final 15 pounds (and help the dog lose hers)
to rise earlier and go to bed at a respectable hour
to live - mindfully, in the moment, noticing - you know the drill
to give Tiny more artsy, craftsy opportunities (and to be at peace with the mess and mayhem)
to be less crabby when I'm feeling crabby and less snappish when I'm feeling snappish
to be a more patient, empathic and loving wife
to take more videos of Tiny and send them to the grandparents

to remember all important birthdays and acknowledge them appropriately
to give my houseplants a less feast-or-famine existence
to be a more patient, empathic and loving dog owner
to finish all the art-quilts I began, and very nearly finished, in June 2011
to use my Ipod
to organise all the photos on my computer
to write a children's book
to spend Tiny's nap-time being uber-productive and not once just sitting down and reading a book or blogs or the newspaper or staring into my cup of tea or out the window or at the tumbleweeds of dog fur gliding by
to be more patient, empathic and loving towards myself

to keep to our budget
to practise my choir music more than three times a term
to learn how to play the ukelele
to become a brilliant conversationalist
to go hiking more often (that would mean three times this year)
to be a brilliant blogger

to treat all to-do lists with squinty-eyed suspicion

Happy New Year, everyone.  
May it be more, much more, than you hope for.


  1. All really good resolutions Emma!
    My sister is also learning how to play the ukulele, she got one for Christmas.
    I really hope you keep the write a children's book resolution, I think you would write a really interesting one.

  2. Good luck with all that!!
    I especially like the last suspicious item on your list!! And strike uber-productive in nap time, just do all those other things, that will help with the next resolution on your list!!....HNY. xx

  3. Lord love a ducky

  4. Squinty-eyed suspicion is good. I think that I will adopt that one. I definitely need to do that.
    Hiking too, more than three times a year, dog owner...on and on. So many!
    Best to you and your lovely family, e.