chrissie: day two

So, in a fit of Chrissie spirit (chrissie spirrie?), I decided that it was important to take something seasonal to the mum's group gathering this morning.  Never let it be said that I let Christmas down, I tell you.  Inspired by my new partial addiction to Pinterest, I stumbled across these and felt a little tingle.

True to form, an hour before bedtime, in the one-foot-square space that is my kitchen preparation area, with not one, single, appropriate tool to carry it off (including an oven that works properly), and having never attempted this before in my life, I set to, to bring little meringue Christmas Trees to life.

In the clear light of day, while we peered at the cooled creations atop the stove, we agreed that perhaps Christmas Tree was a little bit of a stretch and that Christmas (cough) Turd* might be more appropriate.  However, with a little dusting of icing sugar "snow" and a cheerful red napkin wrapped around them, there was almost enough to distract from such an association.  Indeed, the toddlers - whose insistent, sugar-searching antennae were up throughout the morning - cared not one iota.

Onwards and upwards with Christmas, I say.

*Please excuse the necessary but very unseasonal turn of phrase.

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  1. So good! I'm still thinking about their chewy goodness!