chrissie: day twenty-two

Today we are writing lists, dashing to shops, modifiying expectations, preparing for road trips, cooking and just generally doing the Christmas Shuffle.  We are truly in countdown mode now.  Our spirits bounce up and down as we negotiate it all - teaching Tiny all the songs of Christmas, paddling neck-deep in grading (my OTL), spontaneous outings for ice-cream and Christmas lights viewing, some homesickness (mine), salvaging Christmas ornaments from the dog's mouth, daily visits to the neighbourhood 16-foot blow up Santa - it's a complex time.

Amidst it all - the wrapping paper, the sherries, the endless rounds of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (traditional and Aussie versions) - we brought a lonely Christmas tree in from the cold and gave it pride of place in our own.

'Twas a bright (but bitterly cold and windy) day for Chrissie Tree hunting in the Canadian wilderness.

'Intrepid' is their middle name.
He's a lumberjack and he's okay.

A sensitive, new-age lumberjack, to be sure.

Complimentary wild hot ciders for cockle warming.

Ready for the snow.

Friends trimmed while we cooked and supervised.
Scoping out the efforts seasonal.
International harmony - on the Chrissie Tree as in life.
Hope you are faring well in this busy time.  Warm wishes from us to you.

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