chrissie: day fifteen

I should not be left alone with cookie dough.

These are mint chocolate cookies (gluten and dairy-free)

I am Australian.  We don't do cookies.  For starters, they are called biscuits, or bikkies to be precise.  And we certainly don't bake them for Christmas.  Fruit cake, yes.  Bikkies, no.  However, due to the uncertainty of our future, I figured there was no time like the present to hurl myself head first into every Canadian Christmas tradition I could think of.  Turns out, I can only really think of one - baking cookies.  (There might be some ice skating in there somewhere too, but I'll pretend I don't know that in case someone tries to encourage me to do it.)

What I'm unsure of is the Canadian tradition for eating them.  As I was tapping into my inner-Canadian Christmas spirit I was sure I heard a voice say, "Eat five.  Straight out of the oven."  And so I did.  Not wanting to mess with tradition, and not having a Canadian to hand to coach me on this*, I just had to follow the voice. 

It was tough.  I regret it a tiny bit.  But traditions are traditions.

This is a Christmas Moose (yet to be festively iced) in honour of, well, a Canadian Christmas of course.

*My OTL is away tonight.  The jury he has been serving on for the last two weeks (yep, the fun never stops around here) has been sequestered and he is right now, at this moment, in Lock Down for Top Secret Deliberations.  That leaves me, Tiny and the dog - none of whom know anything about Canadian Christmas traditions.  So help me out, my lovely Canadian friends and family.  What are the must-do Canadian Christmas activities? Time is tight, but I'm sure I can fit a few new traditions into the mix.


  1. Break the moose's front leg off, stick it to it's bum and it'll look close enough to a kangaroo to make you feel at home....

  2. Oh, the indignity of a misplaced apostrophe - on this blog, of any.....

  3. Never fear, I take my editor hat off for this blog. I want to be free to write sentences that don't have a verb in them if I feel like it ;-)