Once upon a time this was a craft blog.  Not a very consistent one, it has to be said, or even a very good one. Nevertheless, I did used to  make things and show them off. That is, until I dabbled in the ultimate crafty creation - a whole human being - and then it became a blog about Tiny (with the rare side issue thrown in for a splash of colour every now and then).

Well, just to prove that I still make stuff and can still show it off, here is a pair of baby boots made for a friend's new baby.

I am surrounded by new babies at the moment so, who knows, there may well be other crafty endeavours to show off in the near future.  No promises.  Tiny is a very fascinating little boy, I'll have you know.  And cute too.  I will obviously have to post another photo of him tomorrow just in case you've forgotten.


  1. Maybe the cutest booties ever!
    Gran Fran in Georgia (USA)