See this ball? I dropped it.

I dropped the ball on the whole blogging-everyday-in-November madness. This time, this year, I just couldn't do it. I honestly don't know how the big bloggers do it, posting most days of the entire year (without a team of cooks, dishwashers, laundry-doers, toddler-entertainers, dog walkers, grocery shoppers, hairstylists, and general life-organisers, that is).

We have had a challenging couple of months. Details aren't necessary to air so publicly, but suffice it to say that change is never a comfortable thing, and there's been a lot of emotional and physical energy burnt dealing with our little lot of changes and challenges. Enough, in fact, to wipe this little would-be November nablopomo blogger completely free of inspiration and quirky spark.

Nevertheless, we're still here and still the little troop of wonder that you've come to know and love.  I just won't be blogging about it Every. Single.Day.  For a while, anyway.

For some reason, though, despite our lives not yet resolving with a warm, rosy glow, I feel a renewed spark to keep blogging.  So let's just pretend I never promised you a rose garden, er, I mean a blog post every day this month and we'll move on.  Gracefully.  Like Swans.

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