picture this

It is light and colour.  My desk, by the window, is light, colour and industry. This is what I see; you may see something more, or something else. There is a cup of tea (in process), and a green wagon (waiting) on the grass beyond.  This moment - when I stand up, absently looking back to where I have been - is light, colour and Projects Underway.  Somehow it's an artful arrangement.  After all, it's just my desk scattered with the things I am doing.  But there's a cheerful box of every-coloured origami cubes (that only I know is growing daily, one cube at a time) and there's a whimsical, childish doodle coloured-in on the sketch pad below the tea.  There's a laptop and a small wash of Stuff that pushes my sewing machine to the margins.  But it is the light that makes it.  The cool, bright light from a pale grey sky.  The clear, white light on the scattered markers, the colourful cubes, the green wagon.  Suddenly, it is remarkable.  And so I do.  Remark, that is.

In lieu of a photo, we have words!  In lieu of a woman wielding a camera, there is a woman wielding descriptions, allusions, and invitations to see.  (Arguably, she is more of a worry this way than the other but humour her, she needs her outlets.)  It is such a good challenge to describe the snapshots of a day.  Relying on the camera to catch "moments" relieves me of the work of deciding exactly what it is that is captivating about a thing.  Ironically, I rarely captured all those moments with the darned camera as it was either not to hand or my skills (or its capacities) were not up to the task.  However, I still tried, almost daily, and sometimes things worked out and were golden.  This is a different endeavour, though, and in the spirit of seeing the bright side of things, it is also a good creative exercise for my wee addled brain. Watch this space.

In other news, it is Good Friday.  Which is Hot Cross Bun Day.  So, another batch of gluten free hot cross buns were made (and consumed), friends were entertained (and entertaining), the toddler was fed, humoured, read to, entertained, read to, fed, sung to, danced with, read to, run with, fed, chased, carried, kissed, read to, squeezed, tickled, fed, bowled over by the dog and put to bed. Now we are going to watch a movie with a glass of wine.  I think this is the beginning of a wonderful weekend.

Cheers to all.

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