Still struggling but, not wanting to be a boring whiner twentyfourseven (except to my OTL who accepts that listening to me is one of his contractual duties of marriage), I took some moments today to focus on the goods in my life.

1: Melting snow
2: Sun-warmed dogs
3: Streaming sunlight
4: Soy lattes
5: Friend encounters (of the unexpected kind)
6: Toddler squeezes
7: Library books

A humble list of seven, yes, but not a swear word nor a despairing slump in any of them.  (Unless you count the swear words uttered when the sun-warmed dog turned out to be a severely muddy-bellied and -footed dog as well, but not being a whiner twentyfourseven, I won't mention it).

Yes, there are good things happening and I will use my great reserves of Sheer Bloodymindedness to focus on them and not the grumbly grumpies.  In this spirit then, it's only fitting to mention that Sunday saw a mammoth effort in reclaiming my creative space from slowly being sucked into some kind of black hole of irredeemable mess, scatter and mayhem.  It is now all clear surfaces, neat piles and organisation.  Here's a peek.




  1. May Spring take a firm hold quick sticks (so you don't have to deal with that muddy dog malarkey). Am jaw on floor at the neat as pin-ness of your space. If only...

  2. It's not easy to be all sunshiny all of the time. I certainly can't, and I don't have months and months of snow and icy cold weather to contend with. The relentless rain here does get to me at times...and the mud!
    Wishing you increased warmth and brightness with each coming day.
    Now, I need to attempt some tidiness around here.

  3. Good on you on the positives! And am loving the pictures, especially the birdie and the fabric stash... strangely enough I attacked my sewing/creative space on Sunday in order to rescue it from the schoolbook and general dumping zone mayhem that was creeping up on it! Had a good re-arrange, turned furniture round, and am trying to work out a good way of storing stuff so I've half a chance of remembering what I've got and where it is once the lid is back on the box!!

    Enjoy x