Lost:  one white cable that allows me to download all the pretty end-of-winter-beginning-of-spring pictures from my camera to my computer.


  • one of Tiny's forks (under couch cushions)
  • one sock, one tumbleweed of dog fur, one plastic, pretend screwdriver, and one wooden puzzle piece (under said couch)
  • one of the dog's stuffable chew toys (behind my sewing machine)
  • a growing sense of unease that I do not Run a Tight Ship, as it were, around here

Happy Spring, anyway, northern hemisphere people.  May there be warm, sunny days, and plenty of them, just around the corner.


  1. Normal house living with wee ones and doggies.

    does one of your laptops have an SD card slot? removes need for said white cable. Just have to be sure to not loose said SD card...


  2. Emma, I love this post. It sure brings back memories of raising two boys. Found, one half eaten chicken leg (drumstick) in the bookcase, an unappreciated sandwich in the mailbox, and some foam rubber shoved up in a toddler's nostril. Said piece had to be removed by the pediatrician.
    Hope you found your cable and that the sun has found you.