This is the man that I love.

He warned me, during our long correspondence, that he didn't look like your typical rugby player.  "What," I thought, "oafish with thick, cauliflower ears?  That's a relief."  He hadn't wanted me to form an unrealistic expectation of who he was, but I already had his measure from the very first emails.

In four years, he has stayed strong and true to those initial impressions.  His heart is as big as an ox.  His love is unwavering, abundant.  He is smart and silly. (And sexy.)  He is twice the man that his small stature belies.

Four years ago today, crumpled and tired, he stepped off a long international flight and straight into our first embrace.

I am so glad he did.


  1. They have always said that good things come in small packages. I think you found the best..and he too.
    This is lovely, thank you.

  2. That's my best friend you are talking about. I have wished him joy and happiness our whole lives, and no, he is never what you expect but in the best ways possible.


  3. What a wonderful evocation of the coming together of two soulmates. Thanks for sharing the words and images, they brightened my day immeasurably! May you both 'live long and prosper' in the joy you so obviously bring to each other's life.