After an unexpected week away from the blog, I logged in last night to add the Queensland Flood Appeal icon to my sidebar (please check it out and participate in some fabulous auctions) and realised that I'd left you all with a very depressing photo as your week's furrybees entertainment.  We are all better now and just have the lingering tickle-coughs that last forever and remind you of your brush with death (or with a winter cold, if you don't want to be quite so dramatic).
So, I thought I'd post a photo of this to cheer you up.

It's actually not much better than a black and white photo of cough syrup, I realise this.  But it's full of such wholesome goodness that you'll be healthier just having looked at it.  Here it is in close up.

Yes, you're right.  It doesn't get any better in close up.  However, as our first ever Mushroom Sesame Tofu Stew, it was delicious.  I would only tweak it ever so slightly at the edges, if I were to make it again.

We have just started to participate in Meatless Monday you see, and this was our first go.  Tiny gobbled it up and I think this confirms me, once and for all, as a Crunchy Granola Mother.  It even has the ultimate in hippy food - tahini - in it.  Tofu and tahini.  It doesn't get much crunchier than that, my friends.  Just wait until I make him take a carrot salad to school for lunch.  The boy is going to be teased mercilessly for his plaited sandals.

Speaking of which (or should that be whom), Tiny has been working diligently alongside me as I type, bringing me gifts to treasure and savour as I think and write.

This may be his small way of getting back at me for the plaited sandals to come.  Each day he spends some very pleasurable time completely emptying the pantry of all the food within his wee grasp.  Every day, that is.  Several times a day.  All of the food.  I'm choosing not to see it as a commentary on the food that is in there but as evidence of his obvious genius.  Yes, that is a big leap, but I'm his mother and I'll do what I like.

See.  Look at him here with another offering.  Genius.

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  1. Your little guy is too cute! Who knows what goes on in the minds of toddlers, mine often insists on going to bed with gloves on, we have to sneak them off when he is asleep and his hands are always boiling!

    This post made me laugh, oh how our children will rail against our hippy ways but they will be healthy and have a nice line in home made cosmetics so it won't be all bad ; )