It seems we have come to this.

The scene went something like this:

(emerging from kitchen to investigate 
suspicious silences)

What are you doing?!

(looking around for camera)

How did you get up there?!  That's not for babies!!

(quickly clears rubbish from floor so that 
house looks tidy for blog readership)

Be careful!
(takes photos)

Watch out for the edge there, baby!

(takes more photos)




  1. They do the most amazing things and defy gravity when you are not looking. He is so adorable and I am so happy for you both that you have this amazing human being in your life. It is a true blessing, and I do know that you know that..just saying.
    And you cleaned up??? I'd like to see it as it was.
    Best to you as always, e.

  2. And he didn't have honey and / or shoe polish on his hands.
    Nice work tiny, but we expect more....

  3. Obviously a budding adventurer there! The table was just begging to be climbed, with those thoughtfully provided side rungs. Was the ultimate goal a closer look at that out of reach framed photo on the wall, or a bird's eye view of the entire room perhaps.