Things I have learned from making this shoe:

  1.  not to give up my day job (or night one, come to that) and become a cobbler
  2. that sweatshop labour really is an abomination
  3. that I can't believe I have to make another one

Things I have learned from the dog chewing Tiny's shoe:

  1. that if to a carpenter everything looks like a nail, then, to a dog, every piece of leather looks like a rawhide chew toy
  2. that shouting "drop!" "leave!" "down!" "Aaaaaaah!" doesn't stop said dog from quickly swallowing one half of said shoe

1 comment:

  1. Was the shoe especially tasty? Has the dog now developed a taste for footwear? Or is just leather in general? Note with a certain measure of alarm that the ravaged footwear has been photographed on a leather chair. The puppy next door developed a taste for leather lounge suites (he was teething at the time).