My OTL is the guest photographer on the blog tonight.  As I rushed out the door to choir practice, trilling experimentally as I went (as a warm up you see), I managed to cry "Photos!  Take!  Blog!"  And, because we are of one mind, him and I, he hopped straight to it.  So, tonight, I present a few more little corners of my home.  This time from Way Up Close (the camera was set on macro and he went with it).

First up, the guard squirrel.  It hangs on the side of the wooden bowl that keeps our garlic bulbs.  Garlic is coveted like that in Canada.  You need guard squirrels.  (Not a word of a lie.)  

Secondly, an imagined conversation between a pig and an echidna.

Pig:  I'm so tired and bored with my life.

Echidna:  Yeah...

Echidna:  My toes curl upwards.

And finally, Lola, no Bobby, no Pippy, no Polly... or The Dog That Cannot Be Named.

I know that some of my OTL's family tune into this blog regularly and I would just like to apologise to them.  I have been a terrible, irredeemable and slightly absurd influence on him.  He did take a photo of some tomatoes and his cup of tea, if that means anything, but they didn't make the cut.

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