Life marches on inexorably, doesn't it. However, sometimes it feels like someone has accidently hit fast forward on the Universal Remote and you are thrown into living your life at comic speed.

A case in point. Since last we met my OTL and I have:
  • farewelled our much beloved foster dog Rugby to his new owner and "forever home" (tears? you bet there were tears)
  • visited Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's capital city (and best kept secret), for five days so my OTL could go to a conference and so I could have tea with the Prime Minister and set him straight on a few issues of global significance (as well as visit with good friends)
  • sold our house in Manitoba (wheeling and dealing from Ottawa by cell phone)
  • introduced ourselves to London, Ontario (our new home city from late-July onwards) by driving exhaustively, tirelessly, endlessly around and around in search of a new home
  • bought a new house (complete with backyard fire pit for bonfires in the fall)

We have finally returned home to collapse for a few days and are beginning the process of Letting It All Sink In. In all this movement, flux and change, though, I am happy to report that the most significant of all occured in a quiet moment one morning right in the middle of all this mayhem. That was the gentle first poke of the Littlest One Inside reminding me of the most significant changes of all happening at the moment. I am certainly glad you get nine months to get used to this particular life change. It seems a much more reasonable and civilised approach to life's major changes than racing from week to week to take care of the rest of them.

As for the pictures, these handsome chaps are part of a street art series that adorn the city of Winnipeg (which we have been travelling a bit through recently to get to and fro from Brandon). Polar bears are an iconic part of Manitoba. These sculptures pop up in unexpected places all over the city - on city streets, outside halls, in university grounds - and are part of the wonderful quirks that give this prairie city its character and life. Perhaps tonight they can also serve as a reassuring reminder to me that although we change we don't do so entirely; we remain familiar to ourselves in important, essential, continuous ways.


  1. So much change, dear friend. Just wanted to say that I think you are both handling the challenges of life tremendously. How wonderful that Jnr is now big enough to communicate with you. In my experience, the bond just gets stronger and stronger now. It's such a beautiful thing - enjoy every second!!

  2. You have been busy. WOW. It is so much fun to feel the first kick. A little later on he/she will raise the head and you belly becomes a moving landscape. I loved it. Good luck with everthing but most of all ENJOY!!!