I have been a bit distracted, what with one thing and another, and every day I've thought of you all and hoped you'd keep the faith that I'd be back soon with things to share. Rest assured, my life has been full of creation, of all kinds, since last we met but there are few photos to share today, I'm afraid.

One of the most pleasant distractions that has been, well, distracting me from this blog has been a lovely visit from my OTL's mum. She has been staying with us since last Wednesday and together we've been creating lots of good family vibes, sharing stories, taking road trips and, most importantly, celebrating her 70th birthday today.

So, I baked a gluten-free, dairy-free lemon polenta cake and we had afternoon tea with cake in her honour.

It was yum.

Thanks for your patience. Will be back with more later in the week.


  1. Emma - hello! how are you?

    May I say this cake looks superb...would it be too much to trouble you for the recipe?

    I so enjoy reading everything here, it is very inspiring. x

  2. Now that it one beautiful cake! I'd love to sink my teeth into that.

  3. Hej Emma,
    What a beautiful cake.I had no idea you also needed to stick to a glutenfree diet or is it someone else in your family? I also would love to have the recipe if it is not too much asked. We could do a cake recipe-swap if you like.