Tonight I find myself in the position that many a blogger has found herself in. That of having things in process (many in my head) and not much to make pretty pictures out of. However, I am rising to this challenge and have the following to offer you so that you don't give up on me entirely.

Exhibit A: Some wee potterings.

My pottery journey continues, despite the challenges of being an amateur that wishes she could produce works of fine art every time she pinches off a clump of clay. I have been practising the basics - pinch pots, slab hand building, coil pots - because, after a fortuitous visit to the local library, I found some exquisite examples of pots made with these techniques and figured I could learn a thing or two if I continued to practise and practise and practise. I think these are a step in the right direction, if I do say so myself.

Exhibit B: More hoop love.

One day I will talk to you all about my list/s of Projects To Be Done. How they haunt me. How they mock me. How they perplex me. How they excite me. How they inspire daily bursts of brilliance in avoiding them. One slipped through the Avoid in Lieu of the Breakfast Dishes today, though. Slippery little sucker. So I started tossing around some ideas.

Stay tuned for the next installments.

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  1. Hej Emma,

    I just found your blog by reading your comment on Elsita's blog. I'm very glad I did because I love your embroidery, your small hoops, the way you explore, the way you take your babysteps in this creative life. Don't worry when things don't work out all at once it is just called learning and you will get there.

    A big Danish thank you for you.