I once said that as long as people kept having babies then you'd all still get to see me create stuff. And by God, if that isn't true!

This little piece serves a dual purpose, though. Its primary reason for being is to provide some joy for a little girl that was born last year (I didn't say I'd make anything in a timely fashion, though). However, because I've got a little thing about doing triptychs in embroidery hoops at the moment, this will also serve as another opportunity to practise this idea (in case I ever decide to sell some work in the future). Who knows where the wind will blow these little fellows.

If anybody has any ideas what this picture is (it's a tantalising close up) then I'd love to hear what your interpretation is. I'll reveal the whole hoop in due course.

PS: Thanks are due to Mal* for reminding me of the diversity and joys of running stitch. It was just the ticket for getting me over the creative hump of how to complete this little picture.


  1. Thanks for the link too Mal. Your kitten looks beautiful.

  2. von boysenberry10 March 2009 at 06:54

    I think it's the cat in the moon (as in the man in the moon...).