and again

The dogs ate my homework.

Can you believe their temerity after I virtually convinced myself of the merits of their fur in the last post? That's the price we pay for stealing ten more minutes in bed this morning. Little... scoundrels. Luckily the embroideries that were in these weren't harmed. Seems they have a taste for wood over fabric.

Thanks for your cheerful comments commiserating with me on the matter of dog fur and creativity. Would you believe that people actually do spin their own dogs' fur and create from it? I did a quick, eyeopening Google search this afternoon and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

It's called chiengora and has a long and venerable history, apparently. If I knew about the etiquette of using other people's photos in my own blog I'd show you a few choice items but suffice it to say, many people offer their services spinning your dog hair for you. Search for chiengora on Flickr - it's a veritable wonderland of dog fur creations.

There's hope for us all yet.


  1. You have my complete sympathy. All craftiness here, as well as unopened bags of flour and birdseed lying on the kitchen counters must be removed before I toddle off to town to get the mail. Unattended items...even a grapefruit...end up on the bedroom floor.

  2. And I thought I was original with my last comment, lol