ah spring

Flat, grey skies.

Puddles. Wet dogs.

Perilous, ice sidewalks.

Brown grass. (And dogs with their ears on inside out.)

Thank the Goddess for daffodils, is all I can say.

Today was an organising day (when I wasn't out skating the sidewalks) and so, unfortunately, crafty pursuits have had to play second fiddle. I've also hit a bit of a creative speed bump with my latest triptych and I'm waiting for that bolt of pure inspiration to be able to finish it. Not very conducive to feeding a hungry creative blog, I tell you.

However, I'm off to see Dr Marjorie Agosin of Wellesley college talk on the history of Chilean arpilleras (tapestries) which should be just the right combination of politics, the fight for women's freedoms and needlework to inspire me to new creative heights. We shall see.

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