Yesterday was my One True Love's birthday. We spent the day relaxing, eating good food and then, after a flurry of cooking, we had a birthday feast extravaganza with some good friends, drank plenty of red wine and played Settlers of Catan until he won. Before drifting off to sleep he said that at some point in the evening he looked up at us all building our small empires and exchanging witty (yet benignly combative) remarks and experienced a "perfect moment" - a moment where everything conspires, just then, to bring you joy and peace. What a birthday gift! (Of course, being on the brink of winning The Whole Game can engender a perfect moment in the least of us.)

Speaking of birthday gifts, this is a little something I whipped up in secret for him last week.

He chose the yarn from a lovely little store called The Loop in Halifax, Nova Scotia when we were having a sanity-saving trip to the big smoke last year. This was his first foray into the world of hand-dyed wool and to yarn stores that are bejewelled with all manner of colourful skeins adorning every wall. It was also my first introduction to a nifty machine that I think is called a swift which turns your loose, dangly skein into a firm ball in a matter of whirly minutes. It was all very exciting. For me, anyway. He was just glad to get out of there with only two balls of wool.

He loves the colour red and something tells me he's not going to get lost in the snow with this little number on. Of course, it's completely inadequate for -27, which is today's "high", but apparently it's going to warm up one day and he can wear it then.

That handsome chap at his side is Rugby, our foster dog from the local dog rescue. We love him.

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