If you are a born perfectionist then you're always bound for a few lessons in humility along the way. In September 2008, I took a short Introduction to Clay course at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. I had such fond memories of doing pottery at school (as well as a secret desire to return to the heyday of pottery from the 70s of my childhood) that when I saw the course on offer, I took it as a sign from the Goddess that this was meant for me.

It certainly lived up to my memory of being a rewarding, tactile, fulfilling and creative activity. And I was also pleasantly surprised how ambidextrous I was. However, boy did I ever turn out some amateurish-looking stuff. Like I said, humility. It was a wonderful lesson in reminding me that skill is often the child of repetition and commitment, and not just the jumble of raw talent and enthusiasm.

Despite my mixed efforts, I enjoyed the end result of some of the pieces. This coil pot has potential, I think.

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