ishikoro | abandon

On CBC radio this week, I learned about the Japanese term ishikoro meaning "pebble," which is apparently used to describe blogs that have been abandoned (much like a pebble into the ocean).

I hung my head in shame - the radio announcer was talking directly to me, I could tell.

Then I got to thinking about the term abandoned. Abandon. Abandonment. And I thought about the English turn of phrase "with gay abandon" or the notion of abandoning oneself to a moment, and I realised the truth of the matter. I hadn't neglected my blog; I hadn't left her waiting in limbo, cobwebs gathering. Quite the contrary, my blog has been off having the time of her life, abandoning herself to whatever whimsy or flight of fancy has passed her way. She just decided one day to embrace her youth, her beauty, her vitality, her wit and intelligence. She decided to spread her wings out wide, to let the sun shine on them, to breathe deeply in and embrace life, indeed, to abandon herself to the wonders of the world.

No wonder she's refreshed and feeling a new vigour for her life back in the blogosphere. I take my hat off to her.

Luckily, while she was off exploring herself, I was able to fill my time by travelling to three countries, getting married, moving to a completely new part of Canada, buying a house and beginning a new life. It's funny how things work out for the best, isn't it.

For continuity's sake, let me begin this new era of the furrybees blog by closing out the old - the picnic blanket. For those keeping a careful eye on things you will remember that Von Boysenberry won the first and only prize in my Yay for Grey! competition - a creation of her own design made out of the lovely Lady Grey. She, very brilliantly, suggested transforming Lady Grey into a picnic blanket.

And so it was.

This is my first "quilt". Ever. I am kicking myself for not taking better photos on a brighter day but imagine a combination of Lady Grey, an incredibly sweet thrifted sheet (for the back), a reclaimed old blanket (for the batting in the middle) and all "quilting" done by a random scatter of embroidered flowers (sewn through all layers).

I was pretty chuffed with the outcome, I have to say. However, it was no match for how I felt when I gave it to Von Boysenberry (who coincidentally happens to be a cherished friend) while I was visiting Australia. Her gorgeous little two-year-old immediately embraced it, pulling it up over herself to play "sleeping under the blanket". It looked like it had belonged in their family forever.

It's good to be back. See you in a few days.

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  1. I love the way your quilt turned out! Glad you have started blogging again!