Grey gifts

Sometimes the universe sends you a sign, you know?

These beauties were sent to me, spontaneously, from my good friend Lisa in Norway. With no idea whatsoever that it was Yay for Grey! Month at chez furrybees, she chose this lovely trio from her local, groovy yarn store and then promptly sent them to me. I will have to wait a while until I can spend some time crocheting without making my RSI sing but, when I do, you can bet I am going to make something luscious from them.

Work continues on using Lady Grey herself (indeed, today there was a special trip to the thrift store for Half Price Wednesday Afternoon - aka HPWA - for more supplies). I have a few projects on the go, the least of which is the competition grand prize of a picnic blanket for Von Boysenberry.

Stay tuned...

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